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All Our Second Hand Awnings Are COLLECTION ONLY 
, If You Wish To See The Awning Out , Please Choose A Dry Day As We Will Not Lay Them On The Ground In The Wet , Our Descriptions And Information Are In Our Opinion As Accurate As We Can Be .If An Awning Is Labelled 10/10 it Does Not Mean It`s A New Awning , It May Be In Very Good Condition For It`s Age ,The Price Reflects The Newness and Condition .

If you cannot locate the caravan panel you require, please  look in miscellaneous as we buy stock from other companies without knowing the make/model of the caravan they were retrieved from, or contact us preferably with a picture and sizes 

All Used Parts Are Exactly That:
 Used ,  Not Perfect , They May Carry The Odd Scratch Or Blemish Mark And Priced Accordingly,And Are Collection Only At That Price , Which Is Why We Prefer Customers To View Before Buying , We Are Open 7 Days A Week, 9-5 Mon-Sat , And Sunday 10-4pm.
If a customer requires the item to be sent this will incur an additional cost (p&p)

If A Customer Wishes To Return A Second Hand item , It Will Be At There Expense Minus A 20% Handling Charge , Which Covers The Cost Of Relisting And Re-photographing An Item.

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